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The Canadian Institute for Blended Learning is a Designated Career Training institute based in British Columbia that aims to prepare students for exciting careers in thriving industries, both in Canada and internationally.

We offer a diverse range of programs that are crafted with specific targets and goals in mind. Currently, our courses cover topics from Hospitality and English Learning to a full suite of Red Seal prep programs. Our robust online classrooms ensure that our students enjoy a learning experience that is free from technical issues so that 100% of your energy can be devoted to achieving success in your field.

Founded in 2017, our school is lead by expert innovators in the field of online and blended education. We welcome you to join our community as a student, delivery partner, associate or instructor.

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Learning Objectives

Our programs are designed with carefully selected outcomes so that graduates are prepared for real-life situations and problems encountered on the job and beyond.

Maximize Success

The freedom of online learning allows you to get the most out of learning materials as you complete courses at your own pace and according to your own schedule.


Learning online does not mean learning alone. Each course features interactive components, including message boards and collaborative activities that allow students to discuss concepts and course topics with others.


All of our teaching staff are experts in their fields, with a significant amount of professional experience and an aim to fully interact with students in order to share their knowledge and skills.


Compared to attending in-person classes in Canada, learning online is far more affordable, especially considering you can attend classes without having to relocate.


Each course offered by our institute is expertly crafted and maintained to the highest standard. They are immersive and informational, offering the very latest in relevant professional development.

Our Students


The best is that you study your trade before coming to Canada to know the expectations of the employers there.


I have benefited very much from your guidance and support.


After travelling to Canada as a visitor I wrote the Red Seal exam and studied by taking the journeyman class.