The Interprovincial Red Seal exam is the highest level of certification available for tradespeople in Canada. This national credential was created to streamline provincial trades training programs and ensure that tradespeople can receive recognition in any province or territory. Moreover, it is widely accepted by Canadian employers as proof of skill within a particular trade. Red Seal certified tradespeople can command higher wages, will have more job opportunities, and can receive additional benefits in certain Canadian immigration programs.

You can receive a Red Seal endorsement by completing a multi-year apprenticeship, or you can apply to have your prior work experience recognized. If successful, you will be permitted to challenge the Certificate of Qualification exam. This process is overseen by the Canadian Council for Directors of Apprenticeship, and administered by each province or territorial body responsible for trades training.

The Canadian Journeyman Preparation Program has been designed to help experienced tradespeople strengthen their technical knowledge and understand the scope of their trade in relation to the contents of the exam. The presentation of the course materials involves detailed explanations of how this information could be tested. Students will gain a thorough understanding of how questions are structured and how to respond correctly.