The Canadian Institute for Blended Learning (CIBL) is committed to providing accurate information and guidance to prospective students to ensure they make informed choices about their program of study. CIBL’s policies are well publicized and applied consistently. Admission requirements ensure students have the required language competencies and the correct set of knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve the program outcomes. Admission requirements may not be waived by neither the student, nor CIBL.

Students are required to review the following before completion of the student enrollment contract for approved programs:

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Language Proficiency Policy
  3. Refund Policy
  4. Dispute Resolution/Grade Appeal Policy
  5. Sexual Misconduct Policy
  6. Dispute Resolution Policy
  7. Withdrawal Policy
  8. Dismissal Policy
  9. Attendance Policy
  10. Program Outline
Read the Policy Manual


Upon receipt of a completed Application Form and non-refundable application fee, the Senior Educational Administrator will review student documentation related to meeting program specific Admission Requirements.

Students applying to all programs must provide:

  • Identification displaying full, legal name, birth date and country of citizenship (acceptable forms of identification include a valid passport, Canadian driver’s license, Provincially issued identification card, Indian status card or Permanent Residence card)
  • Proof of Language Ability

Please ensure documentation submitted is:

  • A legible copy or scan
  • Translated by an official translator if not provided in English

Upon determination of program eligibility, the Senior Educational Administrator will first forward the CIBL Policy Manual and Program Outline to the student for review. Students are subsequently required to confirm their review of the Institute’s policies and procedures.