Online Benefits

For some time, online education has been a great option for students who were unable to access traditional in-class courses and programs. Recently, student preference has driven much of the growth in online learning. There are numerous advantages to learning this way and each student will find different aspects appealing.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Online classes begin and end according to your schedule, not when a school opens or closes. This means that you can study when you want and for as long as you want, day or night. The speed that you can learn at is also up to you. If a concept is straightforward, move on. Conversely, if the concept is more difficult you can take the time needed to fully embrace it.


In-person instruction is designed around group learning, meaning that some students are inevitably held back or left behind. In contrast, with online learning, you can maneuver through materials without having to change or adapt your learning style. If you are a slow reader, for example, take your time as you are not holding anyone back.

Online learning also offers great development opportunities for individuals that are straddled with life responsibilities like work and family. The flexibility of online classes allows you to keep your job, enjoy time with your family, and develop your professional skills all at the same time.

Access to Information

The Canadian Institute for Blended Learning is dedicated to providing access to Canadian curriculums and instructors for students world wide. All of our classes richley incorporate Canadian culture, experiences and values into the curriculum, ensuring that students receive an authentic experience and quality learning materials.

Unique Courses and Programs

The size and mandate of our institution allows us to create programs and courses according to specific student and employer needs that we identify. Classes do not have to fit within a larger degree program and can target the exact learning outcomes desired.

Cost Effective

For many, accessibility is related to affordability. The infrastructure of online learning allows us to create courses with cost effective tuition fees. We continually invest in and develop our web-based materials and hire professional instructors who live and work in Canada. An online course is a great option for students looking for an authentic Canadian learning opportunity without having to travel to Canada.


Studying online does not mean that you are alone. A professional instructor will always be there to help, answer questions, and monitor your progress in the course. We consider collaboration as an essential learning component, and we believe that every student deserves individual and constructive feedback.