Careers in the Hospitality industry are exciting and rewarding. Staff working in hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies, and other service businesses accounts for more than 300,000 workers in British Columbia. There is a high demand for hospitality workers in Canada, and the number of job openings is expected to increase dramatically. In the upcoming decade, an additional 100,000 new workers are expected to be employed in the hospitality sector.

Not only is there no shortage of job opportunities in this sector, but there are also good chances for career advancement and promotions after just a few years of work experience. Positions in restaurant supervision or hotel management are routinely staffed with passionate people who have worked hard to be successful in their careers. These types of management positions consistently offer good salaries, in addition to providing satisfying and stimulating workplaces.

Hospitality offers a wide range of jobs, with opportunities for every personality. Whether you prefer to be in the “front of the house” directly interacting with guests, or in the “back of the house” behind the scenes, hard work and a positive attitude will get you wherever you wish in this industry.

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