What is The Red Seal Program?

Developed in 1952, the Interprovincial Red Seal Standards Program was created to introduce a common set of standards for trades training in Canada. A Red Seal Endorsement is available to tradespeople who meet the skills and qualifications determined by the provincial trades training authority. You can receive an endorsement by completing a provincial apprenticeship program, or you can apply to challenge the certification exam, based upon your previous work experience.

What is the Red Seal exam?

Theoretical exams consist of 100 – 150 multiple choice questions, based on specific aspects of your occupation. In some provinces, there are additional requirements, such as a practical exam. You are given 4 hours to complete the exam.

How can I be eligible to challenge the Red Seal exam?

If you have work experience in a designated Red Seal trade and you would like to apply as a trade qualifier, you must review the provincial requirements and submit an application to the provincial training authority.

Who administers the Red Seal Exam in my province?

British Columbia
Industry Training Authority

Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission

Apprenticeship Manitoba

Ministry of Labour Development and Skills

Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ)

New Brunswick
Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification

Prince Edward Island
Apprenticeship and Certification

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency

Newfoundland and Labrador
Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division

Yukon Apprenticeship

Northwest Territories
Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification Program

Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupations Certification

How much work experience do I need?

The amount of work experience required varies according to the requirements of the provincial training authority.

What is taught in your programs?

The content of all our Red Seal preparation programs is determined by the description of the occupation and the theoretical information is based on provincial trades training curriculums. This provides our students high quality materials and allows them to study important subjects/topics that are guaranteed to appear on the exam.

Why should I get a Red Seal endorsement?

Depending on your overall career goals, a Red Seal endorsement could result in a higher wage, a more senior position with your company, or help you immigrate to Canada.

Do I need a study permit to take this course?

No, this is a short 40 hour course and you are not required to attend any in-person classes.