Clearly IELTS Intermediate

Students can explore 1000s of sample IELTS questions in reading, writing, listening and speaking, in combination with caring instructors who provide individualized written feedback on speaking and writing practice activities. This program combines learning innovative tips and tricks for IELTS tasks with lessons that will help you improve your language skills in specific areas that directly relate to higher scores.

Hospitality Futures

Students will explore careers in the Hospitality Industry with this foundation level program. Students will graduate with a broad knowledge of hotel and restaurant operations and a realistic sense of the industry as a whole. This program is designed to help graduates transition into entry level employment or more advanced studies.

The Benefits of Speaking English at Work

Many people looking for jobs in Canada might look for certain types of work that do not require much interaction with the public or other coworkers. A newcomer with developing English abilities might prefer to work in such positions to avoid the anxiety associated with socialization. Although the opposite type of work might be challenging…